Friday , July 30 2021

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The rise of the petro-yuan


China is aiming to overthrow the U.S. dollar as the currency of choice for the oil market, a move that could have far-reaching consequences. Beijing hopes to challenge the dollar by setting up a futures market with its own currency, the yuan. To that end, reports indicate that China is set to ...

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World’s biggest market: Humans not allowed

Forex TRading Currency Markets

The $5.1 trillion-a-day currency market is losing its human touch. That’s the conclusion of trading and foreign-exchange heads surveyed by the organizers of the TradeTech FX conference in Miami. Of the 100 North America-based respondents, 94 said they aimed to automate more of their foreign-exchange trading operations in the next ...

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A ‘regime change’ is about to hit currency markets


The currency market is typically controlled by the U.S. dollar. One strategist believes that control will shift from the U.S. dollar to a cross asset correlation. This change in the currency markets will help riskier assets such as the Australian dollar. For years currency market movements have been dominated by ...

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